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A Non Profit Organization

Fraternity of One, Inc. is a non profit organization making a difference in the lives of our youth. A banner that represents acceptance that we are all one. Our mission is to bring awareness to the spiritual, physical, mental, social and financial influences in our lives. Our program encourages youth to focus on these 5 influences by setting goals and choosing to be proactive with inspiring behaviors and attitude equaling results.


Our Members

Members are from ages 6-18. Members work on agility, speed, and various sport activities on the field. Off the field, members are awarded through accomplishing different levels based on behaviors off the field. Behaviors (making their bed, taking out trash, cooking, cleaning the kitchen, writing summaries of bible books, decreasing speed and agility times, reading to siblings, volunteering, and much more) are recorded in a binder which builds a resume for their future.


Our Vision

Our vision is to plant seeds, inspire, support, and mentor our members. Our members meet pro athletes, college athletes, high school athletes, CEO's, senior executives, moms, dads, and many other incredible people. The stories shared by guest speakers could have a lasting impression and could change a child's life.


Who Are We?

We are a community of one. By helping others succeed in the physical and spiritual world we help ourselves. FO1 proudly supports FO1 Sports and Do Work Foundation providing strength and guidance.

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